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Rotation and counter-rotation

We totally reject the counter-rotation which consists in turning the body in the inverted direction of the snowboard when setting the turn in motion.This technique is only an improvement of the instinctive reflex of someone trying to avoid to fall when slipping. With this, the sowboard's reaction is immediate.
A beginner learns it naturally because, precisely, at the beginning of his learning, he only tries not to fall...
Once this technique is acquired, it is very difficult to change it.

The counter-rotation limits, in our opinion, significantly the rider's evolution, because each manoeuvre ends with a twisted position toward the board, that forbids him any other movement than untwisting himself. It forces him thus to do an inverted counter-rotation, and so on until the end of the slope.
This twisted position disturbs the dampening of the piste unevennesses.
It limits the amplitude of the turn because this one depends directely on the softness of the rider's the backbone.
It forces to all kinds of unusefull and unaesthetic gesticulatings.

The rotation that we propose to you, is in contrary, a real piloting technique. The rider uses the inertia of his body to drive the snowboard. He moves his body to the direction he desires and take the board with him.

The rider orders, the snowboard complies !

The difficulty lies in the reaction time between the body rotation movement and the rotation of the board itself : this one begins to move only at the moment where the body rotation stops !

This technique is moreover used in wave surfing and skateboarding.


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