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Swoard sites or sites dedicated to the Swoard-EC technique

   www.swoard.com (English / French)

   www.swoard.ru (Russian)

   www.swoard.pl (English / Polish)

   www.swoard.ca (English / French)

   www.extreme-boarder.com (English / German)

   www.carvingskills.com (English)

   www.velvet.pro (Russian)

   www.funcarve.ru (Russian)

Carver's almanac

   www.alpinecarving.com (English / Russian)

Application for smartphones

   www.thesnowcoach.com (English / French) > progress by yourself: details here

Sites dedicated only to carving

www.bomberonline.com > details on the page Partners

   www.carverland.com (Italian)

   www.freecarvers.com (English)

   www.flegmatic-carving.com (English / Finnish)

   www.tahoecarvers.com (English)

   www.freecarve.com (English)

   www.carvingmachine.com (Japanese)

   www.excarving.com (Korean)

Sites dedicated partially to carving

www.blue-tomato.com (English / German) > details, page Partners

   www.skipass.com (French)

   www.soulboarders.com (Dutch)

   www.funboarders.ch (German)

Partners and friends

   www.tooltonic.ch (English / French / German / Russian)
   > the best tool to sharpen your skis and snowboards

   www.texasmusicnews.net/THOR.htm (English) > gloves for extremecarving

   www.nextboarding.com (Italian) > Italian association and snowboard school

   archive of club-ski.web.cern.ch/club-ski/snowboard/ (English / French)


   Thanks to www.phpbb.com for the forum.


   www.jonasrejman.com > Website from the director of the Special Opus "Carved"

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