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Who are we?

From 1995 to 2001, Jacques RILLIET and Patrice FIVAT started to develop the technique and style now known as "extremecarving" (EC). They made the first extremecarving snowboards for continous linking of fully laid turns (armpit to armpit).

They launched this Web site, based on their "extremecarving" concept, in 2002.

One year later, in 2003, pushed by the enthusiastic public they created the snowboard company SWOARD with a third snowboarder, Nils DEGREMONT.

  • Jacques RILLIET
    Began snowboarding in 1984
    SSBS Swiss snowboard instructor since 1988
    Competition experience: Swiss Cup - slalom, giant slalom, half pipe
    Designer and shaper for Wild Duck Snowboards (1990-1994)
    Disciplines: freestyle, freeride, extremecarving
  • Patrice FIVAT
    Began snowboarding in 1987
    Swiss and French snowboard instructor since 1993
    Competition experience: Swiss Regio Cup - giant slalom
    Disciplines: freeride, extremecarving
    Began snowboarding in 1988
    Disciplines: freeride (on Swallowtail powderboards), extremecarving

If you wish to reach the SWOARD team, refer to the Contact page.


Who are we?

Why this site?

Gesture purity



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