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Why this site?

We are long time snowboarders and practice this activity with assiduity. Thus we were there at all the evolutions and think they have sometimes mislead the sport.

It's the insistence of our families, our friends, people met on the pistes and correspondents around the world (Europe, North-America, Japan) which decided us to transmit our "know how", in all modesty. If our tone is sometimes a bit provocative, it is not by vanity, but in the desire to change the things.

Although at the begining we rather went into alpine snowboarding, we also practice freestyle and freeride in soft boots. Unlike lots of riders, we never turned our backs on the alpine discipline and we allways followed our own way. This comes from our fascination to the laid turns, that began at the end of the eighties, when we discovered in the magazines the photos of few Worldcup alpine riders : Serge Vitelli, Jean Nerva, Peter Bauer, etc... It has been a revelation to us and, since that time, we won't rest untill we succeed in doing our laid turns downhills in more and more difficult conditions.

We called "extreme carving" the discipline consisting in linking carved turns (without skipping), tilting the board vertically and the body horizontally. The later touching the snow lightly, It's obviously impossible to tilt more !

Doing only one laid turn, as it was already done at the end of the eighties, is accessible to everyone. But getting up at the end of the curve and linking with the next laid turns requires a top technique from the rider and the gear.

Snowboarding has today resolutely turned itself to freestyle and freeride, and today, it is very difficult to find top alpine equipment for extreme carving. There is yet some brands that offer alpine snowboars, but as these boards are made for competition, they are mostly way too narrow.

Our goal is to promote this extraordinary discipline because it provides, in our opinion, the most fabulous feelings that the snowboard may give.

During these last years, we developed a very efficient technique to lay turns (or simply to ride...).
Perhaps a few people will tell you it is not the "right one". But as you may see for yourself, it works perfectly well and gives off an easiness and fluidity feeling.

We detail it to you in the "Technique" pages.

You choose... and lay down!


Who are we?

Why this site?

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