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These pages are archives of films at the origin of the "extreme carving" trend.
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Special Opus : Carved

First freeride and alpine snowboard movie in "2k" quality (superior to HD quality) !
The alpine board used in this movie is the SWOARD Extremecarver.

See the movie >>>

CARVED    Duration: 7min32   Season: winter 2008

The first two RED One digital cameras in Switzerland immortalized the turns of the two extremecarving creators - Jacques Rilliet and Patrice Fivat - on their SWOARD.

The producer Jonas Rejman (www.jonasrejman.com) and the cameraman Daniel Reichenbach, two talented professionals, shot breathtaking scenes during winter 2008 in "2k" quality (superior to HD quality!) with up to 120 images per second.

Congratulations also go to the rest of the production and post production team for this unconventional and pioneer movie in the snowboard community !

>>> Download of "Carved" (duration: 7min32): FullHD (1080p) - 966 MB,
       HDready (720p) - 588 MB, AppleTV (720p) - 231 MB, iPhone (480x240) - 44.6 MB

>>> Download of the trailer bande-annonce (duration: 25s): Teaser (1024x512) - 10.6 MB

>>> Download of "La Carvesina" (duration: 1min14): FullHD (1080p) - 214 MB,
       HDready (720p) - 114 MB, AppleTV (720p) - 34.7 MB, iPhone (480x240) - 7.55 MB

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