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Gesture purity

How to achieve best possible riding and do the less moves as possible?
We are working on this idea since many years.

"I move my arms in my turns? It's to compensate for a bad position that got me unbalanced!"
"I'm shaken in the bumps? Normal, I'm stiff on my legs, leant forward and twisted in counter-rotation!"

We are targeting on isolating the minimal movements that are needed to handle the snowboard and thus aiming at excluding the others, that bring nothing and are most of the time source of imbalance. In that goal, we worked on the technique but also on the equipment. Truely, badly designed or badly adjusted gear often obstruct the rider's correct movements. Example: "how can I bend the knees if the boots are too stiff?"

This philosophy led us to a technique of sobriety and gesture purity. So the rider gives the feeling that it's all easy and that the worst piste is perfect. His movements, all in sobriety, seem natural and fluid.


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Gesture purity



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