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The type and the state of the slope are primordial in extreme carving.

An extremecarving piste should be steep, wide and smooth: steep, to keep enough speed linking turns, wide, because a laid turn takes a lot of room, and smooth, because the body will touch lightly the slope.

The smoother the piste is, the more the body can touch lightly the snow without being hit by unevennesses. On a perfect piste, it is possible to touch the snow with the lips !

The best is when the snowcats groomed in the evening, so that the snow hardens during the night.

To get these conditions one must, as with the powder, wake up early and be the first on the spot !

These ideal conditions are seldom met. In general, one must be satisfied with normal slopes and their small heaps of snow that burst to the face.

The ennemies :

  • The bad junction between two groomer tracks.
  • Hard slopes with soft snow heaps (heterogeneous snow).
  • Too soft snow.
  • The bumps.
  • The stones that destroy the edges.
  • Unsharp edges on ice.
  • Too many people on the piste.
  • The skiers going straight down at high speed.
  • People starting without looking uphill.
  • The weak bindings, because when they will break, the day will be over without any repair kit.


Extreme Carving

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