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If the movies don't work

To see the movies, you need the free players QUICKTIME (.mov extension) and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYERS (.wmv extension).

Quicktime is the Macs native player and Windows Media Player the one of the PCs.
Both are today available for both systems.

The fast progresses in picture and sound compression allow ever increasing quality levels with lower file sizes. But we have to update constantly.

So, if a movie doesn't work with your player, this one is probably too old. We recommend you to download and install the last version.

Some of our movies are available in both versions.

In our opinion, the most faithful to the original movie is Windows Media Player, even if Quicktime offers a softer picture.

To download the last player versions, click on or

Special Opus

Opus 4

Opus 3

Opus 2

Opus 1

If the movies don't work

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