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Swoarders (Swoard carvers)

Discover recent photos of Swoarders 2006-2016 on the Facebook account here.

Here is a selection of beautiful pictures showing extremecarvers owning a Swoard.
These Swoarders affirm that they have improved a lot thanks to this unconventional board.
Laying down the turns fully and linking them becomes so easy! You too, do the same... with ease. Get your Swoard ! :-)

You can send your photos at the address photos@extremecarving.com. They will be published anyway in the Gallery! To be shown also here, they must be of good quality (definition, colours, sharpness). Don't forget to indicate us the Swoarder's name.

Winter 2006

Winters 2004, 2005

Winter 2003

Summer 2002

Winter 2002

Winter 2001





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