FAQ: EC, shoes, bindings, boards, tuning, technique, etc.

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FAQ: EC, shoes, bindings, boards, tuning, technique, etc.

Postby fivat » Tuesday 12 December 2006, 22:51

Arnaud has done for us a selection of subjects that are related to frequently asked questions. Thank you to him for this big search work :clap3:
(don't hesitate to also use the tool Search of the Forum)

For any modification or addition, write me an e-mail.

What is extremecarving ?
From the page: http://www.extremecarving.com/tech/excarving.html
Extremecarving.com wrote:Extremecarving is a word invented for this Web site. It identifies the style and the technique developed by Jacques Rilliet and Patrice Fivat from 1995 to 2001 on the carving basis. Invented by alpine snowboarding in the nineties, carving consists simply in riding on the edge. The word "extreme" suggests that the turns are fully laid. The real challenge is to link these turns, frontside and backside, armpit to armpit.
Jacques and Patrice got inspiration from surfing and skateboarding, making rotation of hips and shoulder as taught in the Swiss snowboard school, especially on frontside: they don't face the tip of their board all the time like the racers. They use wide alpine boards (which they had to develop), flat bindings with lower angles and modified hard boots (softer). They also created the word "push-pull" to explain their leg movements whose timing is the opposite of the one in a slalom. Thus their gear and setup are really different from what can usually be seen in alpine snowboarding.
The abbreviation EC is sometimes a source of confusion with "eurocarving", which is an obsolete word from the nineties: during the golden age of alpine snowboarding in Europe, the riders could accomplish very inclinated turns, despite gears with less performance. In extremecarving discipline, the board is sliding, placed vertically on the edge without skipping, and the rider is brushing the snow with his whole body and the armpit. This should not be confused with the "Vitelli turn", which is a figure from the nineties: it's only one turn laid on the front side in counter-rotation.

What is an extremecarving board ?
In the nineties one could find wide alpine boards on the market, but the performances (especially the torsion stiffness) were not very good. In 2000 it was even worse: alpine snowboarding had evolved to much narrower boards. Jacques Rilliet and Patrice Fivat didn't find anymore what they needed (width and performance) for what we wanted to do. That's why they have developed their own board (since 1995 already) and wrote their famous Manifesto in 2002 about narrow alpine boards killing the sport. In 2002 people asked them to commercialize their prototype. So the famous SWOARD appeared: the first and original extremecarving board of the market!
The "wide boards" revival launched by SWOARD was initially criticized, but eventually followed by other board builders (although the width alone is not the secret of the SWOARD).

Can I do extremecarving with any board ?
Of course it's not impossible to lay down at least one turn with any board (even with a freeride board and soft boots). But laying down linked turns (even on the ice) is much easier with a SWOARD than with any other board, as it is the only board designed specifically for this purpose.
Indeed it has been developed and tested intensively on the snow, season after season, by the best specialists of the discipline. At the same time the SWOARD is very versatile and easy to ride.



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(18.16 KiB) Downloaded 110 times



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Postby Arnaud » Monday 18 October 2010, 17:06

FAQ updated. New topics added, and some dead links removed.
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