15th ECS, 2018 > -10% rebate in four hotels

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15th ECS, 2018 > -10% rebate in four hotels

Post by Swoard team » Wednesday 4 October 2017, 18:13

Excellent news! :D This year again we managed to get a rebate in four hotels for the participants in the ExtremeCarving Session!

:arrow: -10% rebate :!:

This is available only for direct booking with the hotels (no booking.com, nor other intermediate services). You can use the links below or call the hotels:

- Europe in Zinal
- Le Besso in Zinal
- La Pointe de Zinal in Zinal (of course!)
- Alpina in Grimentz, right beside the gondola going up to Zinal.

:arrow: You will simply need to show your voucher of ECS package when you will pay at the check-out. To be sure everything is OK, you should inform the hotel about the rebate when booking. Simply mention "-10% rebate for the 15th ExtremeCarving Session". Word "extremecarving" is clearer than "ECS".

To get your ECS package, register to the event from November when the link will be available in the dedicated thread and in the Web pages. The Reservation Center will send you the voucher. But for now, priority is your accommodation.

:arrow: The rebate is given also for the days before or after the event!! :bravo:

The Swoard team