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Swoard Demo Tour 2025 > events > info, videos, ...

Post by Swoard team » Tuesday 2 July 2024, 9:33

SDT - 15th edition / ECS – 22nd edition !
VIDEOS OF PREVIOUS EVENTS :arrow: here in the YouTube channel.
MOST RECENT :arrow: 21st ECS: YouTube film.
LAST ANNIVERSARY :arrow: 20th ECS: short version and long version.

Prepare for winter in summer! :D We are excited to announce already all the dates of the "Swoard Demo Tour 2025". :D This "Tour" includes of course the main event "ExtremeCarving Session (ECS)" (22nd edition) and other meetings in resorts we have "certified for EC". "Demo" does not only mean that the participants can test Swoard boards, but also that they can watch demonstrations of extremecarving by the Swoard team (the founders and Swoard instructors).

La Grande Première
  • 23-24 November 2024: Val Thorens (France) > info here
Swoard Demo Tour

During the SDT, free lessons (in Zinal) or advices are given to explain the ride technique we have developed from 1995 to 2001. This technique, easily identifiable, is especially adapted to the width and other specificities of the SWOARD Extremecarver (now the Gen5), the snowboard that inspired extremecarving. The words "rotation", "push-pull", "fluidity" and "gesture purity" will be part of your vocabulary. Advices on the settings of bindings and boots are also provided to fully benefit from all the advantages of the SWOARD snowboards.

At least 2-3 Swoard instructors will be present at each event. The Swoard team will be complete with 5 instructors during the main event "ExtremeCarving Session" in Zinal.

The model SWOARD Dual2 will also be available, with the recent freeride/freecarve model, the SWOARD Stoke. Therefore, the riders in softboots are welcome!

The model SWOARD Extremecarver Pro2 is made in limited series by hand (in 3 sizes and 5 flexes): thus only few demo boards are available. The SWOARD-UPZ EC12 hardboots and the SWOARD Redline2 bindings are not in demo as the settings take too much time, but a few items can be seen and touched.

The Swoard team

Personal thanks:

Big thanks to all the people who are now also part of the Swoard team: :pray2:
- the Swoard EC instructors: Arnaud, Anthony, Julien, Sébastien, Petr, Lambert
- the staff in organization: Arnaud, Joël, Flaviano, Jörg and Petr
- the staff in backstage: Jörg, Fanfoué, Joël, Etienne and the Forum moderators
- the numerous volunteers helping us in the stands: Christophe, Holly and more (they will be listed after the ECS).
Without your help and passion, those events would not be possible since 20 years. We believe that this is contributing to make snowboard carving trendier in Europe and in the world. Actually many brands are now following on the softboots scene mainly, but with commercial goals. Progressively we are making alpine snowboarding more popular, in parallel to softboots carving. :D

Patrice Fivat

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