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Welcome to the official website dedicated to extreme carving, a snowboarding discipline made popular by the founders of SWOARD and EC technique presented here since 2002.

Carving began in Europe with alpine snowboarding at the end of the eighties, before being copied by the ski industry. It was proven that carving could be pushed to the extreme, with the entire body touching the snow. But the laid turn (Vitelli turn) remained a curiosity, something to be done in front of amused friends or the terrace of a restaurant. Riders were often unable to get up or could do only one laid turn.

The continuous linking of fully laid turns (armpit to armpit) is what is proposed to you here for the first time (since March 2002)! No book or snowboard school teaches it. It is the result of our co-experiences in competition, working as professional snowboard shapers and instructors in Switzerland, and of course continuous practice.

This marginal sport gives incredible and exhilarating feelings. You will be able to achieve turns that seemed impossible. See the snow speeding by only a few centimeters from your eyes, feel the piste rubbing your armpit, then jump from turn to turn.

A big part of what has made extremecarving possible is credited to the board: the SWOARD Extremecarver. We have been developing this model for 15 years, in conjunction with the extremecarving technique. As a result laying down linked turns is much easier with a SWOARD than with any other board, as it is the only board designed specifically for this purpose. At the same time the SWOARD is very versatile and easy to ride.

We invite you to join the trend we have started. Be apart of the alpine snowboarding revival! The increasing enthusiasm for extremecarving speaks for itself: eight magazines have already published our photos and three TV channels have broadcasted our movies. The influence of this Web site since its opening can also be seen through the shared photos and movies of riders, from all over the world, who are enjoying their extremecarving quest.

Have a good visit and lay down!


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