ECS 2008 SESSION V: dailies videos

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ECS 2008 SESSION V: dailies videos

Post by raphael » Tuesday 10 February 2009, 15:30

As many people requested them, I finally found time to clean-up the 2 videos projected at last years diners. It's not meant to be pro. But at least people who got filmed will be happy to see themselves for more than 2 turns.

The official movie (if ever I found time to do it) will be very different, so if you want to see yourself surfing I think you'll prefer these ones:

Saturday: (carving only, a bit long) - 335 MB
Sunday: (more enjoyable, shorter and with different stuff, but fewer participants) - 207 MB

Warning: the links are temporary. Feel free to ask them again if they expire. By the way, if anybody has 500 MB too much space on his server and wants to host, he is welcome. In this case, please inform me so that I can replace the links.

P.S.: No use asking me for the 2009 movie, even though I helped with the editing, I am not the person responsible for this one. I don't even have the images. Sorry, my professional life is too demanding, I don't have time to do this thing anymore. Anyway it was a pleasure to shoot and edit your performances. You guys rock.

P.S.S: Italian and German translations for this message would be welcome. Anybody ?
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