ECS 07 was really great!!!!!!

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ECS 07 was really great!!!!!!

Post by Simon » Monday 5 February 2007, 21:17

Hi ECS participants

I just wanna say, that this session was really great and fun!!! :D

Many thanks to the swoard team for the whole organization! :clap2: :clap: :clap3:

see you next year!


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Re: ECS 07 was really great!!!!!!

Post by fivat » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 1:00

Thank you to everyone for coming! :D This session was really amazing! :bravo:
  • About 160-170 participants 8O (during the Saturday dinner, we were 167 persons exactly!): it is probably the biggest event in the world about alpine snowboarding!
  • Again 3 sunny days (we have had no bad weather during all the ECS since the first edition!) 8)
  • Excellent snow conditions for carving and extremecarving
  • A black slope reserved in the morning for the participants only
  • Excellent spirit and many cool persons from about 20 countries
  • Still more and more girls (about 20% during the Saturday dinner) :D
The Swoard Team is really happy (and proud) to see how the participants level at extremecarving has progressively risen during the 4 editions of the ECS! We see now many carvers using the rotation and extremecarving techniques that we propose since 2002. There are more and more excellent Swoarders! They share their experiences with the "new comers". Some people say that they have improved more during these 3 days than during a whole season.

For sure there will be a 5th edition! The date will be Feb 23-25, 2008 (to be confirmed in autumn) :!:

Patrice Fivat

PS: Pictures will be placed progressively in the Gallery during the next 2 months. A movie will be made by raphael before spring. By the way, we thank him for the video he made quickly for the Saturday dinner.

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Post by kurtsk8 » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 7:46

i couldn't be in zinal but as it seems it was a nice week-end
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small preview!

Post by nils » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 11:57

here is a small gallery for the impatient ones:

More will come in the official gallery soon :)

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Post by Silber » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 15:28



Thank you:

P/J/N - for organizing the ECS, bringing the SWOARD, and teaching us the ultimate technique

ZINAL - for providing us with the perfect location

WHOEVER IS UP THERE - for faboulous weather and great snow

ALL THE ECS PARTICIPANTS - for bringing enthusiasm, joy, and great friendliness from more than 20 different countries. This is what world peace is made of...

See you all in 2008!!
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Post by Alex » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 17:07

I could forget my first love but I'll never forget this extreme carving session... simply wonderful!
thank to P/N/J and all other carver friends!
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Impressive gathering

Post by yomama » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 21:22

Wow, 170 ECers? that must have been great.
I was going to fly all the way from California for this meeting but then hesitated because I might have not been able to find my dear 161M (after lunch) among 170 Swoards..... :wink:
Wish I were there.
Congrats to JPN for this ECS.

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Post by Felix » Tuesday 6 February 2007, 22:55

Yeah - twas a great event. I'm really impressed by the level of all participants. A great thumb up for the older generation. People above 60 still snowboarding and ripping it down is really impressive.
Best snow since long time (best this year) - sun, fun, carvers - Really the best carving event that exists.

Great thanks to Patrice, Jacques, Nils, Samantha and all others having be involved in the organisation and as well to the Tooltonic team.

See ya next year

I passed by at the hospital in Sion this Morning as my shoulder had been hurting badly after my fall yesterday on the last run of the race training with Jacques and Bart (why must it allways be the last run and I can't stop at the right time).

My shoulder is not broken :lol:
I will have to take 1-2 weeks without snowboarding and 5 days keeping the shoulder at a rest. Some ligaments are slightly torn and the muscle is shocked. But at least this afternoon the pain got smaller. and I think I can ski next weekend (without poles)

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Post by raphael » Wednesday 7 February 2007, 10:38

This ECS was a dream. :angel:

I'm just sorry i couldn't spend more time with some of you.
167 cool people is too much and 3 days of that quality are tooooo short...

Congratulations to Jacques, Patrice, Nils, Samantha... you are angels.
Congratulations to all others... you are movie stars. :P

I'll do my best to make the movie in time. Please be patient.

Felix > It's good to read your shoulder is not that bad.
Is it ok with your insurance ?
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Post by Felix » Wednesday 7 February 2007, 10:45

Yeah - They accepted European Healt Card without any problems. Acces to Health Services is now finally free in Switzerland without any probs and EU-25 (27?).
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Post by jfamin » Wednesday 7 February 2007, 23:01

That was great, I'll be there next year.
Thanks to all of you, I was very glad to meet you all and to put a face on your "aka" name.
C you

Jean Paul
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Thanks to you all for the great session

Post by Drew » Thursday 8 February 2007, 12:41

I also wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to Jacques, Nils, Patrice and Samantha for organising a great event.

I'm really glad I came and that I got the chance to meet some excellent people and board with people from whom I could learn a lot.

I am now the proud owner of a 2D 161M which I must say, drastically improved my front side laid turns tenfold on my first day of riding it. Anyone interested in buying my RS off me! :wink:

See y'all in 2008!

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Post by harald » Friday 9 February 2007, 13:14

On behalf of the gentlemen team, I can only agree. It was awesome. We had 6 days of excellent conditions, and should have been paid a lot to run Thursday when we left. Our muscles acked, but as usual, six days (winter holiday no 1) did excellent for the improvement. Thanks to Jacques for the lessons and to Nils, Patrice, and Jacques for the organization of the event. Count us in for the next year :!:

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Post by anttiv » Saturday 10 February 2007, 18:19

We also would ike to thank JNP for everything in ECS 2007 ! Just great :D

BR, From Finland Miss. Anne and Mr. Plasma

P.S Sorry for Norway gentleman team, we did not have the time to say you good bye because our early flight back to Finland !!!

P.S.S Hey, that CHICKEN thing was very good (sorry for the others, this is a inside story)
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Re: ECS 07 was really great!!!!!!

Post by bobex » Saturday 10 February 2007, 20:52


Patrice - I already asked for the accomodation for the next year , and I was told (Jean - Claude) , that in this term (2.2. 2008) takes place some carnival in Zinal - it could cause problems with accomodation... :-(

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