Feedback on the Swoard DUAL2

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Feedback on the Swoard DUAL2

Post by Swoard team » Tuesday 23 July 2019, 19:37

This subject is following the Feedback on the Swoard DUAL (generation 1).
Remember that unlike other brands, Swoard changes graphics and generation number only when there has been a real development work.
We perpetually develop and refine our technology, constantly testing many prototypes on all snow and pistes.
The success lies in the details, not really in the choice of this or that material more or less marketing. :D
The changes made to DUAL2 are summarized in this topic.
What's inside our boards is seen outside, but on the rider! :D

There are already some feedbacks about the DUAL2 through this Forum, as well as videos. Watch for example Sebastien and Matti on YouTube.

In the French subject, and with Google Translate, you can read more feedback.

Feel free to add your feedback in this thread as it was made for previous models. :bravo:

The Swoard team

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