Feedback on the Swoard Redline bindings

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Feedback on the Swoard Redline bindings

Post by fivat » Tuesday 9 February 2016, 9:26

The Swoard team and several riders have already got and ridden some Swoard Redline, the totally new and high-end CNC bindings! 8)
Their concept by Swoard is exclusive and follows our philosophy of carving and extremecarving. They are also excellent for racing and could become the favorite choice of many competitors who like to ride flat (no canting).

:arrow: This is the place to post your feedback: your impressions about how the bindings worked on the snow, how they behaved compared to other brands, what surprised you, what were your settings, the type of terrain/slope, etc.

For now, the bindings are available in presale only. We made a very small series for the team, friends and people who contact us directly.
As already written in this Forum, the goal is not to make mass sales, as we just produced a small series.
In addition we make very small margin, because we just want:
1) decent price for high-end CNC bindings
2) the best system matching to our boards & technique (what doesn't exclude racing).
More details are given on this link in French and this thread in French.
We will translate in English when we will make more bindings for season 2016-2017.

Thank you! :D

Patrice Fivat
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Re: Feedback on the Swoad Redline bindings

Post by yomama » Tuesday 16 February 2016, 5:30

Hi Patrice,

Thanks for starting the thread.

First visual impression: the bindings look beautiful and reflects much of Swoard's Zen-ish designs: simple, beautiful and functional. I am jealous of those who tried them and am looking forward to their feedback.

I have a few follow up questions:
1) What is the base material of the bindings under that red color?
2) Are there different sizes relative to the rider's weight?
3) Patrice, I am all for keeping this planet clean and can help recycle your old Head (ex Blax) bindings if you happen to toss them away :angel: :wink:


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Re: Feedback on the Swoad Redline bindings

Post by didier C » Sunday 5 February 2017, 17:16


Small quick report after my first release in REDLINE M (here lack of snow at the moment but these days it poses well)
Already very beautiful manufacture.
Level adjustments: very simple, fast and very precise. Alas for my Head Stratos in 28.5 I miss 1 or 2 mm to close the plastic lever on the shoe I have to force to be able to close it correctly(I see it twists (the plastic) before plating properly). When I pass it on the fixing in the back I close nickel: question my shoe right would it very slightly longer than the left ?! So I have to take good care not to have snow under the shoe otherwise I do not close the foot before it's stupid ... (we will find a solution with L size)

Once shoved I am lower than with my F2 which is for me very appreciable.
From the first curves it is revolutionary the board is of a disconcerting maniability it is crazy, the impression of having nothing under the feet a total freedom the curves are chained with ease.
In curves I felt a certain smoothness (hard to express) fabulous in the edge grip the board works freely under the feet delivering all its potential.
We must also be wary because even on tracks a little deteriorated one has the impression that it is flat the board does not flinch (caution for the shoulders)
In short the association of the REDLINE and the EC Pro (168 XH) again pushed a little further the limits in all safety of the extreme carving.
I am very excited to test again on good tracks well snowed and prepared to wish.

Congratulations on your work, it's a real success.
Bravo The SWOARD Team

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Re: Feedback on the Swoad Redline bindings

Post by aaadeji » Wednesday 22 February 2017, 22:01

I would like to buy bindings for myself. Where I can get those?

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Re: Feedback on the Swoad Redline bindings

Post by joemzl » Thursday 23 February 2017, 10:58

Please have a look on the first post in this thread. :chinese:
fivat wrote:For now, the bindings are available in presale only.
We made a very small series for the team, friends and people who contact us directly.
Patrice Fivat
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Re: Feedback on the Swoad Redline bindings

Post by bebert33 » Friday 31 March 2017, 16:53


In Décember I’ ve broken one bail on my F2 binding. I know that Red Line bails are stronger than F2 bail. I’m very proud to take care my knees and shoulders and I thanks it was time to buy Red Line. I do that for Christmas in Size M.

Great bindings, very compact .

The set up is done by cranks unlike F2 where set up is done by a leadscrew. Lengthy process than F2 but witch will not move in the future. As the tightening is made aluminum on aluminum, I’ve clean the screw with Alcohol and put medium glue to be sure nothing move.

I’ve mount the plates on the board (without glue) 47,5° rear and 55° front. Note when the boots are in the binding they are 1 cm lower than the F2.

The bails marry perfectly the shape of the shoes, also, before putting your shoe on the binding, certain kind of snow is gluing on metal area and it’s necessary to clean it. Personally I use a defuse (unsettle) tire of plastic bike.

First feelings : the binding works really very good on the board. My 168 Pro M is more biting the snow and answer directly to my solicitations. There isn’t this blur feeling witch characterize the F2 race titanium binding.

I feel more safety on my board because it answers very quickly to my solicitation with a great precision. The track in the snow is finer than that left by F2 bindings. The board vibrates less and I can go faster than the same board with my old F2 binding.
The Red Line give me the same feeling when I’ve jumped from the Extremecarver Gen 4 to the Pro model. It is like if I am riding another board.

The same board is more comfortable, bite better the snow and offer you a precision which reassure, it’s easier to lay down.

For the moment I’ve tested the Red Line only on my 168M pro in icy conditions and the next winter I' ll hope test them on softy snow on my 168HPRO.

Then, if the bails are stronger than F2 bails I’ll be the more happy man....

In conclusion, I’m very happy to be the owner of Red Line binding. If they were cheaper I’ll certainly buy another one to put on each extremecarver board.

Congratulations to the designer. :clap: :clap:

Now I’ll just need new hard boots
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Re: Feedback on the Swoad Redline bindings

Post by Swoard team » Monday 28 December 2020, 14:42

:arrow: The new Redline2 are available! :xmas:

We have improved a whole series of details:
- compact but reinforced levers with metal cap
- double spring in the heel for an even easier boot insertion
- longer L bases
- one size of bails
- reinforced plates
- larger feet size ranges in all 3 sizes.

Choice of sizes:
Size S: feet size <= Mondo 26 (= EUR 40 = UK 6.5 = US 7.5) and rider's weight <= 60 kg
Size M: feet size > Mondo 26 (= EUR 40 = UK 6.5 = US 7.5) and rider's weight <= 85 kg
Size L: feet size > Mondo 28 (= EUR 43 = UK 9 = US 10)

Orders via:
Worldwide shipping
Price: 330 € + VAT

Questions and bails kits:

For the Swoard team, it is no longer possible to go back to anything else than these bindings! :D
Light. Low. Flat. Compact. Precise. Dynamic. At last, everything we wanted!
And the lateral flex allows a fluent style with reasonable bindings angles. :bravo:

The Swoard team

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