feet size for a 158 dual

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feet size for a 158 dual

Post by rudiwhoop » Thursday 21 August 2014, 20:48

Hey! I curently have a 163 dual. I like it alot, however I would like a 158 because I find it a bit long. Especially in Oslo were there's basicly nothing else than slopestyle. I could get a short freestyle board, but I like the way a carvingboard sets me up for flips and spins! My biggest concern is the width of the board. My feet size is Mp: 25 - 26, I need new boots so im not quite sure jet. I use softboots and my stance is flat (0°) perhaps even a little pigeon! will a 158 be wide anough for me feet? :angel:

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Re: feet size for a 158 dual

Post by fivat » Tuesday 2 September 2014, 12:22


The Dual 158 has the following widths: nose 288mm, waist 242mm and tail 278mm.
Since your feet are not in the center (where the board is the narrowest) ;-) but somewhere in between center and tips, you have about 26 - 26.5cm for your feet. With soft boots and 0°, I'm afraid you will have some overhang. Well, it depends on the boots brand of course. Maybe a duck stance (little pigeon ;-)) could work.
rudiwhoop wrote:I like the way a carvingboard sets me up for flips and spins!
Exactly! :bravo:
This is the same in halp-pipes. With a board which as good carving qualities, one keeps a lot of speed and precision for jumping high. The freestylers should not neglect this aspect, which makes the difference in competition.
If the board carves good, it's also important that it forgives when landing after a jump. This is another good point of the Dual. 8)

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