Newbie assistance for swoard set up

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Newbie assistance for swoard set up

Post by Kerrc » Sunday 10 February 2013, 1:29

Hello, I am new to the idea of extreme carving but really want to get into it. I have been snowboarding for 26 years and carving on a Rossi World Cup board for the last 16 years or so using ski boots ( yes I know ski boots). The hard boots are hard to find in Saskatchewan Canada.

What I would like is assistance in getting the right set up and possibly find someone that instructs EC in Alberta or BC.

I will purchase a Swoard just need to know what size I should get. I am 172 cm and 113 kg. I think the 175h model but not sure. I'm kind of on two charts height and weight wise.
I am leaning toward head stratos pro boots and would like to use a step in binding (need advice on these)

I am currently using a Nordica Next 87 boot

I think I would do the bts mod but don't know what color springs to use.
I will be riding mostly on groomed blue runs.
I measured my feet left foot 27.0cm and right 27.7 cm ( so I guess I would go with 28 mondo size for head stratos pro ?)

Thank-you for any wisdom and knowledge you can give.

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Re: Newbie assistance for swoard set up

Post by tali » Sunday 10 February 2013, 15:17

Hi Kerrc and welcome! :D
I am located also in Canada but in Ontario. I guess we have the same kind of hills as you have in Saskatchewan :silly:

Board: In my opinion, for the height of 172 cm + weight 113 kg + shoe size 28 mondo one should be ok with 168XH.
Boots: Head Stratos Pro boots - ok
Spring System: For Head Stratos Pro boots we use ACSS ( Advanced Carving Spring System) which can be ordered from this Forum.
Bindings: It is recommended to use other than step-in bindings for extremecarving. Please have a look at this topic:

You can find detailed answers to your questions about boots and bindings here