Extremecarver or Dual

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Extremecarver or Dual

Post by frank69 » Thursday 27 December 2012, 13:48


At the moment I have a F2 SL 163 board, with intec race bindings.

I'm considering a new board. But compared to my F2, I would like the board to be:
- better for EC carving... allthough I'm not a perfect carver ... I enjoy making linked, carved turns very much
but ..
- I would also prefer to have a board that is a little more fun and foregiving when the slopes are not perfectly groomed ( which is off course always the case after 11:00 AM and on the steeper slopes) and when fresh snow has just fallen.

I was also considering the F2 Eliminator.

Who can give a good recommendation ?

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Re: Extremecarver or Dual

Post by sorro » Thursday 27 December 2012, 16:53

Extremecarver or Dual... both are very good boards, so whatever is your choice, you will not make any mistake...

If you spend most of your time on the slope, I would go for a Extremecarver, moreover, don't worry, this board is not only for perfectly well groomed slopes... and for sure you will make huge progress with it and one day reach the grail and perform linked laid turns...
If you want to do more freeride, go for the dual, and anyway this board will allow you as well to enjoy carving on the slopes, even if EC will be more difficult in soft boots and also if you are riding with low angle, because your feet may touch the snow during the turns...

Have you considered buying both :wink: :silly: ...