Stoke size!

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Stoke size!

Post by BOLETUS73 » Tuesday 5 December 2023, 12:29

Hi guys… I’m more than happy with my dual2 163.. maybe I can be more happy with 0,5cm waist more.. 😜
I’m thinking to buy a stoke for a more powder friendly carving machine… but i need some info.. for me the M it’s ok.. but what is the waist of the 154M and the 162M… same radius? I’m 175cm x 76kg with 8.5Us(41.5)..

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Re: Stoke size!

Post by Arnaud » Tuesday 5 December 2023, 18:09

Hello Fabio

Yes, more or less same radius as the Dual but way wider :D
154 --> 26.6 at center. Radius about 9.5 m
162 --> 27.5 at center. Radius about 10 m

For 41.5 feet size , the 154 is the right tool !
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