Which Swoard board model ?

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Alex Montane
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Which Swoard board model ?

Post by Alex Montane » Thursday 7 February 2019, 23:41

Hi there,

Please have a look at the enclosed Swoard table.

I would appreciate your advice on which board to choose ?

My weight is 70 kg, I am 1,72m tall.

Would the board 161 H be the ideal one for me ? Or 168 M ?

I am 25 year experienced, alpin board.

Many thanks

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Re: Which Swoard board model ?

Post by fivat » Sunday 10 February 2019, 17:29

I see that you got several replies in your subject posted in French: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13662

I confirm 168M because of your goals and feet size (Euro 42).
But if you were used to small boards in the past, and high bindings angles (in a race style = the chest facing the board tip all the time = not Swoard rotation technique), you could go for 161H.

Patrice Fivat

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