What is extremecarving?

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What is extremecarving?

Post by tali » Friday 28 October 2011, 19:02

Well, one more month to go here to get to the snow. :wall: In the meantime I've been watching these videos
tali wrote:
fivat wrote:For the people who didn't know those two videos which gather many different sequences in a progressive way:

:arrow: (in slower motion)

Patrice Fivat
and got some ideas. :D
I have to admit that, of course, from the very beginning I was thinking about extremecarving as laid turns, i.e. when you do linked laid turns, you extremecarve. On connecting slopes... you ride somehow, trying to carve or practise push-pull, or not to hit the mountain wall on one side and the cliff on the other of narrow runs from Durand in Zinal. :silly:

But looking at these videos this year, with a broader mind, I understood them not as a sequence of "how-tos" for laid turns, but as an essential program of the style. I mean, if one has a narrow and not steep slope, one should select "a quick push-pull" for better control of the board. On wider slopes, you can do "deeper push-pull"... There are slopes where you can select whether to lay turns or not... If you lack speed, gain it by going down... Never be too shy to jump... And - enjoy your laid turns :)

So, what would you think? :roll: