much time to learn?

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much time to learn?

Post by speedy » Sunday 24 March 2002, 14:26

Hey people,
perfect site.
I don`t think Snowboarding took thr wrong way. What if all these snowboarders would carve down the slopes?
By the way: I prefere alpin snowboarding but I´m am not already very good. I come from the flat north germany. How much time does it take to get really good? Do all you extrem carvers have a season pass and go snowboarding every weekend?

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learning curve

Post by nils » Monday 25 March 2002, 9:35

It doesn't take too much time if you follow the advice given here ;)..
I ride 20 days a year since 88, and really carve since 92-93, when i met J&P, i had to try to forget most of my previous knowledge that got me into counter-rotation moves...took me a week to readapt, try to avoid the seagull (arms open) position etc...I was lucky to benefit from riding with them wich helped too...

Depending how much you ride per year, i'd say 2 seasons of 15-20 days is enough to learn and understand....then its a matter of training to get perfection and legs ! J&P ride around 100 days/year!

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2 weeks a year

Post by Tim » Monday 25 March 2002, 11:56

Of course nothing beats a hundred days a year :) but you can do with much less. I normally get 15-20 days a year and I am a more than decent carver. I think 1 week a year would be too short to really progress, but in 2 weeks you can learn and practice enough without forgetting what you learned last year. The important thing is to be committed, make the most out of those days you get, and work on your technique. Riding with others who can teach you things and correct mistakes really helps.
Tim Westphal

Carve diem!

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Re: learning curve

Post by fivat » Tuesday 26 March 2002, 19:17

nils wrote: J&P ride around 100 days/year!
Well, it's rather 40-50 days/year :P
Every week-end, and all holidays.
With a good board and hopefully the tips we give in this site you can progress quickly. At least you can get a lot of pleasure very early, and laying down lower and lower will become your Graal quest :o

-Patrice Fivat