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We are back

Post by pokkis » Wednesday 31 March 2010, 23:28

We are proud to inform that long lasting test period consisting of hundreds of kilometers and thousends of hard deep pushed extended carving turns
is successfully over.
Now we can announce our long term target of modern shape metal dampened extended carving board.


More info available www.pensnowboard.com
Happy Easter carves for you

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Post by crack676 » Thursday 1 April 2010, 7:16

Hi pokkis! Sharp board! And for this price I may order one! Thanks for posting! :lol: :clap: :bravo:
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Post by rilliet » Thursday 1 April 2010, 8:08

:lol: :lol: :lol: I want one!!!


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Post by skywalker » Thursday 1 April 2010, 8:54


I want one. No matter, if it's Easter today or not :snooty:
You announced it, I want to order one. I wall have chat with my Russian cousins.

free extreme carving

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Transistor Rhythm
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Post by Transistor Rhythm » Thursday 1 April 2010, 9:08

Don't let those Swiss guys copy it like they did with Wild Duck Knifer!

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Post by Roelh » Thursday 1 April 2010, 9:55

I tested this board yesterday. The Push goes much better!
Just do it, enjoy!

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Post by István » Thursday 1 April 2010, 10:06

I want one, but I need some directional indication on the board to know tip from tail. Amazing graphics BTW.

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Post by Silber » Thursday 1 April 2010, 10:29

Pokkis, I just spoke with all the italian community. We decided to dump our Swoards and order 166 Excalibur for next season. Can you send me the order form please?
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Post by Peti » Thursday 1 April 2010, 10:30

Can someone please post the specs?

On the pointed homepage I only see some cat laughing at me, kinda april-joke. :lol:

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technological board

Post by AZ » Thursday 1 April 2010, 10:48

Here is a picture of my Swoard, on which I installed some electronic equipment to control the vibration damping effects on icy snow.

Works OK, hereare the details on its construction.

Not as nice as Pokkis' Excalibur, but very hi-tech and "cool".

Happy April 1-st to you all!
Electronic Sword_small.jpg
Works nicely - but only today
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Post by leeho730 » Thursday 1 April 2010, 11:01

Pokkis, how much does it cost to ship to Australia?

I want one. I especially like the topsheet!
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Post by Vitaly » Thursday 1 April 2010, 11:03

leeho730 wrote:Pokkis, how much does it cost to ship to Australia?

I want one. I especially like the topsheet!
It's not for sale!
It's free! :lol: even shipping... :wink: