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Post by MennoB » Wednesday 31 December 2003, 19:09

cmachine wrote:
Apparently slop 19 is very good for EC.
I have always wondered what slope 14 is like. Can you give feedback on that one?
14? I don't know. I preferred Chairlift No 19: ... giovie.htm

I mean the slopes on the "backside" of Carosello (double tow lifts), past Lago Salin, on the top-right of this map

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Post by cmachine » Thursday 1 January 2004, 13:06

MennoB wrote:I mean the slopes on the "backside" of Carosello (double tow lifts), past Lago Salin, on the top-right of this map
I've never been there, sorry

But's it's a cool link you sent (


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Post by Felix » Sunday 4 January 2004, 17:23

Hi I have been there the week starting 12.12.03 (saturday, wasn't it)
I have never been to such a crowded skifield by this time. Staff told me about 20 000 people each day. high season 80 000. And every second one going freeriding. After snowdumps of about 120 cm waisthigh pow it only took three days to get skied out. slopes are alright though. Schladming is great for carving. empty until the 24.12.03. But only on piste.
Unlucky I ripped my meniscus two times on the 19.12.03 so I am out until next year. Will get a new plastic on my ACL too. I advice everyone not to go snowboarding without ACL Takes just time but you will surely ruin your knee sometime. :oops:

P.S All Slopes get prepared everywhere in Austria every night!!!!!!! except if they haven't got enough snow.

P.S. best place to go carving is Semmering on Weekdays or Sunday at night. Noone and freshely prepared. But icy.

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Post by István » Friday 9 January 2004, 17:52


Livigno is the coolest place on earth. Slopes are made for EC, and whisky + cigars are cheap, since its a customs free zone and they have wicked clubs and pubs. :twisted:

We'll be there with some EC Skier friend in March, 6-13 :D

Anybody will be there with Swoard? :?: