Carving country?

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Carving country?

Post by fivat » Tuesday 26 March 2002, 20:14

When I read the reply to McFussel's post ("This is the place to be!!!"):
MennoB wrote: I was in Soelden (Austria) last week.
And I was amazed by the number of hardbooters.
I would guess about 30-40% of snowboarders rode plates!
... I'm wondering which country has the higher ratio of alpine snowboarders. I have the feeling that Austria is on the first place.
Am I wrong?
I only know Switzerland and France, but I would love to ride in Austria or at any place with many carvers.

The ratio of "extreme carvers" is another question :cry:

-Patrice Fivat

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Carving country

Post by yomama » Tuesday 26 March 2002, 21:56

Hi guys,

1) There are no extremecarvers here in Tahoe, California as I know of. Wait, I am an extreme carver...well, an inspired extremecarver. :lol:

2) I started hardboots in Montreal. At Mt St-Sauveur, specially at Avila, you will always see a carver or a group of carvers (all windsurfers during the summer).

3) I heard Mt St-Anne near Quebec city has a fair number of good carvers as well. Pele, please confirm... :wink:

Now that the extremecarving site is online, there will be a "few good men" who will be inspired extreme carvers. Unfortunately, the weekend wheather forecast call for 15C in temperature with a BIG sunshine.

Aaaah, California... 8)

Peter Vu (aka Yomama)

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Post by McFussel » Friday 29 March 2002, 18:39

Hi Fivat,

well I guess Sölden is a big place for hardboot riders - when I was in Voralberg yesterday (my parents life on the lake constance), my friend and I whre the only ones there who where carving :P The had even a carving slope, but not stall enough and noone carving there. :?

So in Sölden are lot of stupid riders - but there are some very good too.

But I thing lots of them are comming from Germany (as I do) or Austria.

So....whereever the may come from - it´s good to see them (and for me to learn from them) :lol:

=> Carving is like sex! :wink:
Don´t ride the chicken line!