[Video] 2nd Extreme Carving Camp in JAPAN

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[Video] 2nd Extreme Carving Camp in JAPAN

Post by fivat » Thursday 30 January 2020, 19:39

Here is a video which we screened during the dinner of the 17th ExtremeCarving Session.

Shun and Taro, coming from Japan, were present during the dinner! They are two new Swoard EC instructors. :clap3:
The video is about their 2nd ExtremeCarving Camp in Japan, 2019.
The 3rd camp is coming soon, Feb 14-16, 2020! :bravo: Registration and more info: write to shun@swoard.com

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Re: [Video] 2nd Extreme Carving Camp in JAPAN

Post by slayer » Friday 31 January 2020, 0:53

I may be in Japan for Feb 2021....still trying to make the plan - with about 20-30 of my snowboarding friends. It all depends on if it will be in Swiss school holidays ("sportferien").

Nice to meet you Shun and Taro! :-) If this trip happens, I will be sure to get in touch with you! :-)


私は2021年2月に日本にいるかもしれません...まだ計画を立てようとしています-私のスノーボード仲間の約20-30人と。 旅行がスイスの学校の休暇中("Sportferien")にあるかどうかによります。

俊と太郎、はじめまして! :-)この旅行が発生した場合、私は必ずあなたと連絡を取り合うでしょう! :-)

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