Softboots & Bindings for BX Carver

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Softboots & Bindings for BX Carver

Post by meeee » Wednesday 13 February 2019, 16:26

Hi guys,

first off - I wouldn't consider myself an extreme carver, but rather a speedy carver.
Still hope I'm more among like-minded folks than in any other snowboarding forum.

Been boarding since long, long time, but previously always on all mountain boards.
Now I just started my first season on a more dedicated boardercross board (Oxess Bx).

While I'm enjoying the board, I'm realising, that the rest of the setup (Burton Ruler, K2 CTS Cinch binding) which I migrated from my old board can't quite keep up with the speed and performance.

I'm therefore looking into new softboots and bindings.

Regarding bindings:
I liked the K2 rear entry system, though it has drawbacks:
- it's SOFT - really soft. Given my speeds to an extent where I feel it's no longer tolerable.
- The hichback can't be rotated much to align with the rear edge.
- Also the footbeds are not canted yet, making the stance a bit uncomfortable.
So I need a stiffer binding, canted foot beds and still comfort.
While I'm a fan of the rear entry and still enjoying the ratchets to open up a bit when in a lift or when taking it slow, I wonder if a FLOW Hybrid NX or the brand new F2 Fastec would make sense. Though I'm also concerned about the rotation of the highback. Any opinions on the above models? Other suggestions?
Going back to all ratches is not completely ruled out, but I'd love to avoid it...

Regarding boots:
- The Ruler inner boot has stretched and the metal rings that hold the lacing are pressuring on my bones.
- Also they have become quite soft over the years and I can feel I'm lacking control, especially with speed.
So I need a stiffer, though still VERY comfortable boot
Size is EU43/US10, so an especially short boot would be nice, but not all that important giving a steeper binding angle.

Thanks a lot guys!

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Re: Softboots & Bindings for BX Carver

Post by zwamman » Thursday 14 February 2019, 17:06


I can only talk about my gear and what I think of it: I have Salomon quantum bindings + salomon malamute boots. Both of these are the stiffest in their range.

- Obviously very stiff & responsive. If you tighten the boots very hard, there's hardly any flex at all, you're almost on hardboots.
- Heel hold in the boots is phenomenal, thanks to a specific strap around the inner liner.
- Toe strap/boot combo is absolutely perfect.

- Hard plastic inserts can be removed from liner/boot, making it less stiff.
- Boot can be strapped very tight for groomers or loose for bumps. They keep working nicely.
- High back angle can be varied across a large range, also, it can be angled differently.

In general, I would expect more from top-of-the-line products.
- Bottom cover on the bindings have to be lifted to get to the attachement screws, the way it is clicked into place and the sturdiness of this cover is poorly designed.
- Although you can adjust the highbacks, doing so is quite a clumsy process and as a result, it's not very precise.
- Strap length is adjusted with a plastic screw.
- Tightening the boots with the lace system is kind of a hassle. Especially on the outer boot. It works, but, again, it's not very elegant.

I hope this helps anyone who's considering the Salomon line

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Re: Softboots & Bindings for BX Carver

Post by meeee » Saturday 2 March 2019, 15:05

Just received a pair of new boots, Ride Insano boa.
Not perfect, but miles ahead of my old ones and got a really good deal.
Didn't like the Malamute laces either and was curious to try something else then Burton. Let's see how they hold up.

Anyone got a binding recommendation that goes well with them?

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Re: Softboots & Bindings for BX Carver

Post by lonbordin » Monday 11 March 2019, 13:42

Good discussion/recommendations here- ... arge-feet/
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Re: Softboots & Bindings for BX Carver

Post by meeee » Monday 11 March 2019, 18:57

Dang, the Ride Insano don't fit my narrow foot.
If anyone wants a pair of Ride Insano, EU43,5 US 10, UK 9, Mondo 28, happy to pass them on for a great price!

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