Zipfit liners

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Zipfit liners

Post by slapos » Monday 22 October 2018, 10:09

Hey all,

did any of you try Zipfit liners?

Care to share your opinion?




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Re: Zipfit liners

Post by Gunnar » Thursday 29 November 2018, 17:44

I got a brand new pair I tried to heat mold but had to give up due to to much pain. Ive been using Strolz foam injection liners for over 15years and tried just about everything else with no luck.. getting new Strolz this winter

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Re: Zipfit liners

Post by Mr_Orange » Friday 25 January 2019, 9:38

I like them so much i feel like they should be the standardized liner for all boots.

You're not suppose to heat mold zip fits. They have this compound in the heel and tongue that's pretty much like a thick playdough material but wrapped around soft neoprene.

They remold to your feet everytime your ride just through the warmth of your feet. The first run feels a bit rough, but by the third run, they are perfectly the shape of your feet. I put them in these heated ski boot bags on the drive up and they'll actually be ready to go even faster, pretty much by the time you walk up to the lift.

The heel hold is significantly better than any foam type liner and there's no pressure points anywhere. Really good if your have narrow ankles.

This compound doesn't really ever pack out either. You can keep a pair for a very long time.

I highly recommend these even over intuition liners.

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