Stolen Gear alert

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Stolen Gear alert

Post by lonbordin » Thursday 2 March 2017, 12:37

Please keep an eye out for my recently stolen gear.

I just returned from my 25th wedding anniversary trip to find my garage had been broken into and my alpine snowboarding equipment stolen. They didn't steal anything else and there is a lot of more commonly stolen items in there (bikes, tools, skis, etc). It's super weird... I mean most people can't even ride my stuff as it's build for my size and weight and my boots were custom fitted. Plus there's only one other carver in 200+ miles of my home.

They stole my 185 Donek REV prototype and Bomber plate- Donek photo-

My custom UPZ RC10 Boots-

An old BS Liberation snowboard-'

And my DaKine board bag- ... SX522_.jpg

The Donek was in a Bomber board bag like this with a white logo- ... p_151.html
They stole my tuning/repair/waxing kit as well. :cry:

I'm notifying the Alpine snowboarding community and the police and have checked Craigslist, eBay and the pawn shops. Also notified my local ski hill pro shop.
Any information leading to the return of my equipment will receive a fiscal award. lonbordin at hot mail dot com is a great way to contact me.

I hope they try to ride that Liberation first... It will send them into the trees! :angry:
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