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2nd Swoard Film Contest > 3 boards to win > rules

Post by Swoard team » Monday 16 January 2017, 18:35

Hello everybody! :birthday:

:arrow: Participate in the "2nd Swoard Film Contest". The duration of the contest has been extended to January 2018. Use your footage from 2015 to 2017, with Extremecarver boards (or Dual) in action, for editing a good extremecarving or freeriding film.

:arrow: There are 3 boards to win :!:

  • Entry submission deadline is 12 January, 2018, 11:59 pm GMT.
  • Anyone, with the exception of the jurors, can participate in the Contest.
  • The films should be about extremecarving (EC) or freeriding, using the Swoard boards (Extremecarver or Dual).
  • The contest is open to new videos (not shown before March 2015), with a running time in between 2 and 5 minutes.
  • The awards are 1) Best Riding 2) Best Editing or Script 3) Public Award.
Examples: :arrow: A good idea may be enough :!:
No need to be an excellent rider, because the idea of an original script can be awarded!
And if there are many participants, we will add a 4th Award: the Special Award of the Jury.

The Sword team

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Re: 2nd Swoard Film Contest > 3 boards to win > rules

Post by Swoard team » Monday 16 January 2017, 18:37

:rules: Here are all detailed rules of the Contest.
There will be 7 jurors which will select 2 winners.
The 3rd winner will be chosen by the public (all members of the Forum).

:arrow: PRIZES

There are 3 boards to win, one per category. :D
The model is by default the Extremecarver, last Gen5. But the winners can get the Dual2 board if they prefer this model. It’s also possible to get the Extremecarver Pro2, but at the condition of paying the difference in price. Of course size/flex can be selected by the winners.
The boards are delivered in European Union and Switzerland for free. Usual shipping costs are asked for other countries because the customs refuse commercial parcels of value 0 €.

  • Best Riding – Choice of the jury :pray2:
    The award will be given to the whole crew of riders participating in the movie, or to the only rider of the movie if he is alone.
    The prize should be shared with the filmmaker of course.
  • Best Editing or Script – Choice of the jury :pray2:
    The award will be given to the editor of the film. The riders will deserve congratulations too.
  • Public Award – Choice of the public :pray2:
    Everyone in the Forum could vote from 13 to 26 January, 2018, in a poll of the Forum.
    The votes from the new members with 0 post during this period won’t be taken into account.
Based on the number of submissions, if a particularly good movie makes unanimity in the jury, it can win two awards. If there are many submissions, the organizers have the right to add a Special Award (with a 4th board to win of course).

The results will be announced publicly during the dinner of the 15th ExtremeCarving Session, on Saturday 27 January, 2018. The films will be screened during this party.


Anyone, with the exception of the 7 jurors, can participate in the Contest.
The Swoard team riders and Swoard EC instructors can appear in the movies. They are excluded from the Award of "Best Riding", but not the other riders who could be shown in the same film with them. So the jury has to distinguish clearly the various riders. Nobody is excluded from the two other Awards (except the jury of course).


The submission deadline is 12 January, 2018, 11:59 pm GMT.

Simply post your film in YouTube or Vimeo when you want till this deadline. Some people prefer to wait till last minute, some others are too impatient to show their work.
Then please send the following Entry Information by e-mail to contest@swoard.com :
  • title of the film
  • link to YouTube or Vimeo
  • duration
  • author contact details: name, e-mail address, phone
  • information about the author(s) and the rider(s)
  • film description, location(s), etc.
We could contact you for organizing a file transfer.

Multiple submissions by the same director and/or production team are accepted, but each entry must be accompanied by a separate completed Entry Information. The different versions must use different footages and music of course.

By submitting an entry to the Contest, the filmmaker gives the Swoard Film Contest permission to use all submitted materials, including but not limited to film stills, descriptions, and film screening history in any and all forms of media for the express purpose of the Contest. The movies will also be made available on the Swoard Web site with clear mention of the filmmaker.

  • The film total running time should be in between 2 and 5 minutes, including front and back credits.
  • The film should be about extremecarving, the technique developed by Swoard, with hard boots or soft boots. It also can be about freeriding.
  • The boards used in the film should be of course Swoard Extremecarver or Swoard Dual.
The entry should be the entrant's original work and should not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
The Contest organizers reserve the right not to screen a film for any reason which they deem valid.

:arrow: JURORS

The list of the 7 jurors is the same as for the 1st Contest:
Patrice (Switzerland), Tali (Russia/Canada), Arnaud (France), Pietro "H2O" (Italy), Jörg "joemzl" (Germany), Rob (Canada), Peter "yomama" (USA)

For making this jury, the idea was to get 7 members of 7 countries, so there is no favoritism or nationalism. ;-) The chosen persons are some most active moderators of the Forum, some good riders, as well as one girl and 3 persons living on the American continent. :D We wanted diversity!

Public voters: you! :D From 15 to 26 January 2018, check this Forum for voting in a poll.

:arrow: QUESTIONS ?

If you have any question, you can write to contest@swoard.com or ask it in this thread. Along to your comments, some rules could be slightly adjusted if necessary, but in any case we will keep you informed here.


We are going to keep an updated list in the Forum with all the submitted movies.
You can submit your movie as soon as possible if you want to share it already (recommended), or you can wait till the deadline on 12 January, 2018. At this date, the list will be updated for the last time and the poll for the Public Award will be opened.

Good luck to all participants :!: :silly:

The Swoard team