Want to Buy: S5 or Mountain Slope Tongues

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Want to Buy: S5 or Mountain Slope Tongues

Post by rrosencranz » Saturday 25 February 2023, 14:32

I am looking for some replacement tongues that fit Northwave .950 boots. 

Ideally I am looking for the S5 Medium flex tongue http://s5.co.kr/shop/item.php?it_id=1576825026 since the S5 boot is wider than mountain slope boots, this tongue will fit Northwaves better. However S5 does not ship outside of Korea, so they are difficult to get. If anyone has these tongues, or the ability to help ship them from Korea to the US that would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for Mountain Slope tongues as those can fit Northwaves, they are just a little more narrow than the original Northwave tongues.


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Re: Want to Buy: S5 or Mountain Slope Tongues

Post by jax » Saturday 18 March 2023, 18:13

Ask to Sport Kostner in Corvara, ask for Klaus.

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