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by harald
Tuesday 23 November 2010, 9:04
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: It begins!
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It's correct. The machine made snow (actually it is snow made of water and air) is more dense and produces a more solid base on the slope, covering rocks and so on far better than the natural stuff. That is good for our precious boards. However, natural snow on top is the best. Our local slopes open...
by harald
Monday 8 March 2010, 13:43
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Technical "?".Need advice from SWOARD team or inst
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Ben (Evgen) demonstrates clearly the rotation in this video clip ... ature=fvsr
It has also been shown in another thread.
by harald
Monday 8 March 2010, 10:03
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Oppdal camp on Norwegian TV
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Oppdal camp on Norwegian TV

Thanks to Pokkis for another successful camp with much weather, from snowfall and powder to the real carving thing. Norwegian regional TV visited us at Thursday, filmed and made some interviews. Here is the result shown on Norwegian TV. . Click Carving på Oppdal. ...
by harald
Monday 8 March 2010, 9:56
Forum: Who When Where / Qui Quand Où / Chi Quando Dove / Wer Wann Wo
Topic: Oppdal Carving Camp 28.2-5.3.2010
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Norwegian regional TV was here Thursday. Here is the result Click "Carving på Oppdal".
by harald
Tuesday 23 February 2010, 14:14
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Topic: I finally tried out my carving gear.
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Congratulations with your debut. I totally agree with Frunobulax. Give up those bindings and try your skiboot liners in the snowboard boots. It is not good economy to save money on the cheapest equipment and get hurt instead. F2 Carve RS might be a good choice. They are solid and not too stiff. They...
by harald
Tuesday 16 February 2010, 9:23
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Topic: How to make 2 hundreds ennemies in 2 seconds
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In Norway we have an age limit to run carving boards. You have to be at least 50 :D Younger people can be permitted only after application and evaluation by a committee. For me, EC is a natural actiity when you age. You are always close to the ground so the falls do not hurt that much. The jumps wit...
by harald
Monday 8 February 2010, 9:38
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Topic: Which areas are the best in Val d'annivers for carving?
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Mostly I agree with Tomasso2k and the others. However, I would mention that Grimentz has a really steep slope down to the bottom station. When the ECS had to be in Grimentz 2006 due to bads snow conditions in Zinal some of mine friends named this slope "die Angsthang". Try it and enjoy the rush.
by harald
Wednesday 3 February 2010, 10:37
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Topic: Swoard ECS 2010 SESSION VII: Feedback, pictures, etc.
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Hi, I only can subscribe to all the compliments above. It was great and for me personally it is a good feeling that I still can do the laid, linked turns on the steep slopes at my age. Well, now I am back in Oslo at work and looking out on a snowstorm outside my office window. There has been traffic...
by harald
Friday 15 January 2010, 9:18
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Topic: New to X-carving. Need some help and advice
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Hi, Regarding bindings: Choose the F2 Race titaniums. The Proflex bindings may be a little bit too soft. (Proflex and F2 are the same, but changed name). However, since the Proflex are cheap you may buy a pair for spare parts like bails. Boots: Skiboots do not work. They are far too stiff both forwa...
by harald
Monday 11 January 2010, 9:18
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Topic: Question on EC technique
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This issue has been discussed in a lot of threads. I have no experience with soft boots, but generally you should not have any overhang. Otherwise, you will skid in the turns. To answer, your other questions I would recommend you to read through the Technique section on the EC-website and watch care...
by harald
Friday 18 December 2009, 8:50
Forum: SWOARD boards: Extremecarver Gen5, Pro2 and Dual2
Topic: boots flex modifications
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My experience is that skiboots are way too hard anyway for EC. Perhaps they work for racing style with shorter movements.
For hard boots I have been recommended to use the same flex and forward lean for both front and rear foot, still with EC in mind.
by harald
Monday 7 December 2009, 11:34
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Topic: Young Vikings in Tryvan, Norway
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First of all I will congratulate Pokkis with a very good translation. It seems to me that when you come to Oppdal this winter you do not need to speak English at all. Then thanks to Whitey who picked it up. Since I am one of the guys that is mentioned in the article, and some of you may have noticed...
by harald
Tuesday 1 December 2009, 10:18
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Topic: Winter starts today!
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May be he needs a powderboard too.
by harald
Monday 30 November 2009, 10:14
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Topic: Let's Swoard! Sunday 13 december Snowworld Landgraaf
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Have a nice trip. The snow is still missing in Oslo. Mild and rainy till now, but some wet snow in the hills this morning. However, the mountain resorts are opening up, 3 - 4 hours drive by car.
Good luck at your indoor event.
by harald
Monday 23 November 2009, 9:35
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Topic: SWOARD ECS 2010 > who's coming?
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1 - Jacques (rilliet) + Nadia / Switzerland 3 - Patrice (fivat) + Mallorie / Switzerland 5 - Thomas M. + Didier H. / Switzerland 7 - Jean-Bernard Tschäppät + 2 / Switzerland / the inventor and producer of the Tooltonic (tuning files) 10 - Arnaud / France / Swoard EC instructor 11 - Alex / Italy / Sw...