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by skywalker
Saturday 3 August 2002, 23:59
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Topic: Quivers> What do u ride?
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Generics IQ 148, bought in 1993, Blax bindings, old an soft, too short, but beautyful asymmetric shape and dark green surface with whit stripes :wink: Plasma agressive 157, Proflex titan bindings, green with yellow sidewalls :evil: :evil: looks like it's named, agressively boots UPS Asymmetrical, bo...
by skywalker
Saturday 3 August 2002, 11:36
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: elliptic radius?
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elliptic radius?

Hello, first I want to say that I'm very glad about finding Your HP. Thanks for it!! My question is: many people are talking about elliptic sidecut of carving boards. I've been thinking al lot about it and in the end I did a 3D-construction of a board with the aim of a perfect round radius in an ext...