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Winter 2013-2014 > Extremecarver, generation 4

From Gen3 to Gen4, the famous SWOARD Extremecarver gets still increased performances.
See the feedbacks in the Forum.

  • The design and the intensive tests on snow are made by the Swoard team, inventor and specialist of extremecarving and the extremecarving boards.
  • The dampening has been increased in comparison with the Gen3, giving more comfort on ice and bad snow. Rubber has been added in large quantities and the core has been slightly modified with two different woods. The ATC Matrix technology, that involves a set of pieces of carbon, stays a Swoard exclusivity.
  • Test and judge by yourself during the Swoard Demo Tour or in a Test Center.
    No need to be a expert. Carving with this wide board is fantastic after some learning.

  • Extended product range "quasi custom", unique in the market: 3 sizes and... 5 flexes !
  • The boards are handmade by only two persons in a small factory close to Geneva, Switzerland. High finishing and craftsmanship.
  • Quick delivery (1 to 7 days, depending on your country of residence) !

  • "Get the original" > price on the new stock: 639 Euros free of tax !   Price >>>
  • Special offers !   Price >>>

SWOARD Extremecarver Gen4: season 2012-2013

SWOARD Extremecarver Gen4: top and base

SWOARD Extremecarver Gen4: the full range

The reference SWOARD Extremecarver

With the 1st generation in 2002, an UFO appeared in the alpine snowboard scene, going against everything done in this market at that time. With its unique construction and several innovations, the SWOARD Extremecarver is the key to laying down linked turns with ease.

It is the only board that has been specifically designed for extremecarving by the specialists and developers of this snowboard discipline. At the same time, the board remains surprisingly versatile and easy to ride, from the beginner to the expert.

Although sometimes riders have to challenge themselves and adapt their technique by following the advices given on Extremecarving.com or during our events, the success of this board and the craze for extremecarving have been swift.

In 2006, SWOARD was already ranked #1 in a magazine > Read the article >>>

Now, with the 4th generation, extremecarving (as well as normal riding) is even easier and more stable than before, in all snow conditions. Everyone, boys and girls, will find a board that perfectly fits its size and level thanks to a unique range in the market (3 sizes and 5 flexes!).

For many riders, the SWOARD Extremecarver is the reference in the carving and extremecarving disciplines. Now one also sees it in boardercross competitions !

The influences of SWOARD

Since 2002, SWOARD has launched several trends which became obvious with time:

> A comeback to larger and more recreational alpine boards in a market which was essentially focused on narrow boards, often specifically designed for races. The revival of "wide boards", launched by SWOARD, was first criticized but soon followed by other manufacturers although width is far from being the only secret of SWOARD.
Read "The rise of the wide board" on www.alpinecarving.com >>>

> A ride technique easily identifiable, proper to Jacques Rilliet and Patrice Fivat who developed it between 1995 and 2001. Their technique is the synthesis and the enhancement of different influences of the '90 (for instance the Vitelli turn - frontside turn - or the rotation technique of the Swiss Snowboard School, which is inspired from surfing), pushed to the limit but based on fluid and pure moves. The continuous linking of such fully laid turns (armpit to armpit) is new and is allowed by the improvements made in the snowboards design. Explained in details on Extremecarving.com, their technique has inspired many riders and contributed to a revival of alpine snowboarding. Despite its spectacular side, this technique is within reach for everyone who follows the advices given like, for instance, the crucial notion of "push-pull" which has been popularized on this Website.

> The use of softer alpine boots, in particular at the level of the back springs. Like the Swoard Team, many riders now modify the original springs of their boots. Some manufacturers and individuals have even started to produce and sell ready to use kits.

> The choice of bindings which are not too stiff i.e. that have a good lateral flexibility, needed for extremecarving. With large enough boards, lower bindings angles are now preferred, a trend that has even been observed during races! For extremecarving, the Swoard Team recommends to put the bindings flat and to remove any canting or heel pad.

What are the strengths of the SWOARD brand ?

Engineering degrees and the assembly of best materials are not sufficient to build the best snowboard. Jacques Rilliet, renowned shaper since the '90, is also an outstanding rider ! With these two qualities Jacques can match his high sensitivity as a snowboarder with his high sensitivity and know-how as a shaper. This is a key advantage for SWOARD.

With untiring energy, Jacques rides and tests all his prototypes with Patrice Fivat. Together, they have developed their - easily identifiable - extremecarving technique, which allows them to easily link fully laid frontside and backside turns. This technique and the prototypes have been developed in parallel as they are intimately linked. The SWOARD Extremecarver is therefore the origin and the outcome of this riding style, and it naturally became the snowboard with the best performance for extremecarving, with however a very good touch of versatility.

The factory of our partner Nidecker Snowboards is located in Switzerland, close to SWOARD and not thousand of miles away from the shaper which is often the case. Therefore, continuous exchanges with the technicians in the factory give us flexibility and reactivity in the development of our boards, and guarantee high quality control in the manufacturing process.

The ATC Matrix technology, that involves a set of pieces of carbon pieces, is a Swoard exclusivity. Invented by Jacques Rilliet, it has permitted to overcome the challenges related to extremecarving and the wide boards. More info >>>

Where to test a SWOARD ?

You have 4 ways to test the famous SWOARD Extremecarver or the DUAL:

1) Contact one of our 14 dealers and test centers in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany (soon), USA, Canada, Russia, Poland and Spain: Swoard Test Centers >>>

2) Participate in the "Swoard Demo Tour": 5 resorts are visited by the Swoard instructors in Europe. The main event (230+ attendees) is the "ExtremeCarving Session" in Zinal (Switzerland). The 11th edition will be held from January 25 to 27, 2014. This is the best opportunity to get advices from the Swoard instructors on their riding technique and their settings to benefit fully from all advantages of the SWOARD snowboards. More info: Events >>>

3) Find a friend who is a proud owner of a Swoard :-) On the Forum you may also find a "Swoarder" who lives in your region. Important though, he or she must have a similar body height and weight as you, as the board is available in 3 sizes and 5 flexes. Do not test a board with a size and or a flex that does not suit you.

4) Buy a board online! :-) The vast majority of the riders love it and therefore the risk of being disappointed is very small. Use it by following the technical advices and tricks given on this Website. Should you not be satisfied, you can always easily resell it (for instance in the "Announcements" section of the Forum).


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