Feedback on the Swoard Extremecarver Pro2

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Feedback on the Swoard Extremecarver Pro2

Postby Matti » Sunday 16 April 2017, 11:32

I was in Himos Ski Center yesterday with my Pro2 168M .
Slopes were in very nice condition and sun was shining.
So did I after first run :D .

I tested Pro 1.1 in Zinal (thanks Patrice!) a few days before the SDT 2017 and I was really impressed. It was much more stable and and faster than my old Pro1 (of course we have to remember that my Pro1 is S and Pro2 is M).
Yesterday I felt same and even more :clap2: . Though Pro2 is more stable and fast it´s still very lively and agile. There are really no problems at the lifts or narrow trails to an other slopes.
Pro2 is now very high lever of the quality with all nice details.
This board is great :chinese: and I really hope that next season will start soon.

P.S. in the afternoon slopes were not in so good condition and I did still smile :wink: .
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Re: Feedback on the Swoard Extremecarver Pro2

Postby andreas » Monday 15 January 2018, 18:39

So finally I tried my new Pro2. I had the Gen4, then the Pro and for this season I bought the Pro2.

The board is totally beyond words. It is absolutely amazing, it was no exaggeration it is an improvement over the EC Pro.
In my opinion the Pro2 board has more flex, it is softer, yet its shock absorption is better and it holds the line even better than the pro.
Plus because its flex, i can have a more aggressive radius.
It stays in the carve in a most composed way. When other boards give it up and bounce out of the line it just holds and holds.
I tried it back to back w my friend who rides my last year pro and the difference can clearly be felt. The pro is great and better then gen4, but the pro2 is a great improvement.
It is also very forgiving in bumpy slopes and when you ride slow/tired/ not carving. Very versatile. I even had a chance to go into deep snow this weekend in Austria (a very "uncarving" experience) and it was very good.
Possibly the best alpine board money can buy, definitely the best value for money.
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Re: Feedback on the Swoard Extremecarver Pro2

Postby guiguialpin » Sunday 4 February 2018, 12:19


Sorry for my english and thanks to GoogleTranslate! :mrgreen:

Yesterday first outing with my Extremcarver Pro2. My report:
POPOPO IT'S SO GOOOOOD !!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D How is it "not very objective"? :mrgreen:

Pro2 168M new tested with RC8 size 26 and F2 Race Titanium size M 6mm, 47 ° / 54 ° and stance 51cm for 1m82 / 73kg, after about 7 years in EC Gen 3, in Courchevel:

Used mostly for carving on red slopes. With the Pro1.1 test I sometimes had trouble completing my turns, especially back. With the Pro2 I did not have this problem, but difficult to know if it comes from the driver or the board. I found it very easy to ride at all speeds. It still has this extraordinary snow touch discovered with the Pro1.1 test, she swallows the imperfections of the track without moving, not once the nose bounce in the bumps, even at high speed, and I never had the heel that bounce in backside as it often happened with my Gen3. The grip seems infinite even on irregularities and changes of snow, so it gives a lot of confidence in carving fast without problems. :evil2:

For the extreme carving I have not really been able to test, but i could make some non-chained turns on less steep slopes and it never had problems, as on the arrivals in Vitelli turn (front + back), so it's very promising.

I made some runs in powder and it seemed very easy and effective, but I can not say if it comes from the board or the snow that seemed perfect. Last point I could ride most of the day, and considering my lack of physical preparation, for a first of the season it's almost an achievement! :lol:

So to summarize, and objectively:
The pro2, POPOPO IT'S SO GOOOOOD !!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Edit after 4 outputs:
All the impressions are confirmed: this board is really very effective, super cushioning even in difficult conditions, much less tiring than my Gen3, everything is more easily and faster, in EC backside I have the armpit that rubs every time, even when you take off on a bump while lying down she replaces without problem. In powder, it is not his program, and yet it is the same it is very easy and effective. I really did not think that a board could change my ride at this point, or maybe it was me that suddenly became very good! :mrgreen:
I still found a fault: catching every fault makes the rider lazy! It happens regularly to have a turn that you think perfect and looking at the track there are jerks. But you can not really blame hit for being too efficient! :lol:
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